About RNLC

What is a Networked Learning Community?

The RNLC is a network of schools, which are working collaboratively, across the London Borough of Redbridge to improve teaching and learning in their classrooms.

There are 10 thematic networks;

Why do we need one?

Having started in 2002, as a partnership between schools in Redbridge, the Local Authority and the National College for School Leadership, RNLC has made a significant contribution to raising standards, successfully influencing and sharing best practice across local schools and beyond. RNLC engages and supports schools and teachers to ensure learners benefit from creative and innovative practice. Pupils, teachers and schools enjoy being part of a wider learning community and are keen to find out what’s happening in other schools and to celebrate and share their own successes.

This is the essence of RNLC and school-to-school and network-to-network learning has become an established way of working.

So ….how does it work?

Groups of schools with a shared interest or need are supported and encouraged to undertake research and development into particular aspects of learning and teaching. These networks hold regular meetings to disseminate findings and tackle jointly, barriers encountered. Network projects are supported and subsidised to ensure maximum impact across the school. Learning happens at different levels within RNLC, but at the heart of all its work is a steadfast focus on pupil learning. All networks have 2 Co-leaders, whose role is to organise and motivate the meetings and activities which steer the work of each group. Co-Leaders meet termly to share the progress being made with each other and with the RNLC Strategy Group. These roles are part-funded by RNLC.

RNLC Strategy Group

Responsibility for identifying funding, monitoring, and reviewing the work of RNLC lies with a Strategy Group. This group includes head teachers from all phases, and LA officers. It oversees the direction and funding of the work of the networks.

Martin Baker Interim Chief Officer, Learning and School Improvement LA representative
Sue Blows Head Teacher; Hatton Special Special schools’ representative
Mike Capon Secondary Schools Representative Secondary schools’ representative
Melanie Dye Head Teacher; John Bramston Primary Primary Schools’ representative
Sherlyn Ramsay Head Teacher; Uphall Primary Primary Schools’ representative
Pat Ward Lead Officer; RNLC LA representative
Eugenia Weaver Support Officer; RNLC RNLC Coordinator