Communicating Ideas

Communicating ideas

Whilst communicating ideas is a small part of the overall Computing Curriculum, the RNLC consider it a vital element of our teaching in primary school, providing an opportunity for children to present their ideas through technology. This area would include typing and publishing skills, recording audio and video, and presentation skills.

As this element can be truly cross curricular it should be planned alongside all other subjects and topics/themes. The framework below is progressive with suggestions, but can be adapted for your school.


EYFS – Exploring Digital Media

The Gruffalo Story

2simple/2paint a picture

Children can select their favourite character from the Gruffalo Story and create a picture using the tools within the program.


Resources: Ipads/Cameras

Read the story of the Gruffalo to the children.

Tell the children that the Gruffalo is hidden around our school and we need to take pictures whenever we see him.

Show children an ipad and/or a camera. Ask them how we operate the camera function. What do we need to press? How do we zoom in because we don’t want to get to close to the Gruffalo?

Hang up several pictures of the Gruffalo around the school. Take groups of children around the school and make sure they look out for the Gruffalo. Whenever they see a picture of the Gruffalo, the children have to take a picture.

Go back to class and look at the pictures together as a class. Discuss with the children what they like about the pictures they have taken and how they could improve.



Year 1 – Create a Story


2Create a Story – Naughty Bus

Children use software to recreate the story of Naughty Bus using both text and images.

Celfie App/iPads

Children can use the app to record an animation of their drawings. Children can also commentate over their story using the apps features.



Year 2 – Create a animation 


Children can use the pictures available within the software to create a quick animation.


Children use this app to create an animation of anything ranging from the life cycle of a butterfly to a fish swimming in the sea. Children can also be taught how to upload photographs/backgrounds into 2Animate and how this could be manipulated to create an animation.

Celfie App/iPads

Children can use the app to record an animation of their drawings. Children can also commentate over their animation using the apps features.



Year 3 – Art Documentary


Draw a picture in the style of an artist. Children present via movie documentary.

Suggested software:

SumoPaint, 2PaintaPicture, Revelation Natural Art, Powerpoint


Year 4 – Create a Superhero

Design a superhero e.g. animal

Suggested software: Sumo paint


Make the photo speak

Suggested software: Morpho, CrazyTalk


Tell a story using the photo

Suggested Software – 2CreateaSuperstory


Year 5 – Create a building


Create a 3D building which is linked to topic e.g. historical, modern

Suggested software: Sketchup 2015

Record a tour using video and voice over


Year 6 – TV Show

Create a TV show either historical or modern programme or game show.


Suggested structure: 

Create script

Film ‘Studio’ and ‘on location’ sections

Use of green screen if available