Dan Freedman visit – 2015

Below are some of the children’s comments about the video conference with Dan Freedman:-

  •  “I felt excited when Dan Freedman came to Highlands Primary School.  I enjoyed the part when we met different schools.  I also liked it when he talked about his different types of books about football.”
  •  “I felt intrigued with the amount of stuff he has been through and still being a great author.  Thanks Mr Dan Freedman!”
  •  “Dan Freedman was an author in 2003 and published his first book (Kick Off) in 2004.  I enjoyed it when he gave us his autograph it was fun.”
  •  I really liked that all of the schools got together and did a video conference it was a good idea.  I learn lots of stuff I would never ask.  I learnt that he doesn’t have a good imagination but he still writes good books.”
  •  “I  have learnt that it is not an easy job to publish a book and as an author your philosophy keeps on changing.”
  •  “I have learnt that it is not an easy thing to be an author.  I have also realised that it doesn’t matter where you are writing, all that matters is where your mind is.  Dan Freedman says that he goes and watches the waves when he is writing so his mind is nice and calm.”
  •  Dan Freedman has shown me a shortcut to take a big step further.  After hearing his speech about his books and his series of Jamie Johnson I felt this slight craving for football when I had rejected it from my life.  Just hearing a sentence from “Kick Off” told me a whole story.  He has visited over 1000 schools and I am not even surprised by that.  He had used all that had happened in his life in his series, which I believe will create an outstanding book that will shine like flying colours.

Comments from students at Ilford County High School:-

The session was enjoyable and entertaining and had many highs. Maybe you could let the author speak a bit longer”

”Dan Freedman’s session was very interesting My favourite bit was when he explained the key skills of writing a story”

“I really enjoyed the event because Dan spoke very clearly. He explained his history well and was very inspiring because he explained his inspirations”

“I really liked hearing about Dan Freedman’s life and when he met famous football players”

“I really enjoyed the event. Dan gave good advice for me to become a writer myself”

“He always knew what to say when we asked a question”

Write up from Oaks Park High School on the Dan Freedman visit

Dan Freedman at Oaks Park

Dan Freedman at Oaks Park High School

On Tuesday 24th March, 30 lucky Year 7 students got the chance to take part in an author event with Dan Freedman.  All the students had either been nominated by their form tutor, become word millionaires on Accelerated Reader or had taken part in extra curriculum activities.  Dan’s books follow the life of his character Jamie Johnson, who dreams of being a World Class footballer, and the problems he has to overcome.

Dan Freedman worked for the English FA as a journalist and travelled with the World Cup squad to two World Cups before becoming a full time writer of young people’s fiction. He uses his knowledge of the game and the stories gathered from his time spent with the players to make his books as realistic as possible.

Our students were able to quiz Dan on his books and writing skills plus asking him questions about the players he had met. During the event we were joined, via Video Conference, with three others schools in Redbridge, who were also able to chat with Dan.  As our students had all won their place they were all rewarded with a signed copy of one of Dan’s books as a thank you for all their hard work.