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Paul Cusack,  Computing Teacher/Subject Leader

answers some key questions ……



  • Does VC allow your students to begin to develop not only essential communications skills, but also an acute awareness of global issues. Do they enjoy talking with experts and peers face to face and in real-time?

    The children’s communication skills and awareness of global issues are greatly developed when the VC content is delivered to a high standard.  While the Space Centre VC’s are great, and the children do enjoy and learn from them, VC’s such as the Jorvik Viking Centre or the talk on racism with Chris Lubbe develop their awareness and ability to talk to a higher standard.  School Council and Digital Leader sessions with people like the Deputy Mayor of London and Police Officers also provide a real life context for developing communication skills.

  • Have you saved school funds as you haven’t had to take 90+ on a school trip due to a successful VC session?   Has VC helped with learning a language in your school?

    Not yet.  We are lucky to be close to a Central Line tube station and so can travel for free to most destinations.  However, it has broadened our scope for learning activities with opportunities such as the Space Centre or the Jorvik Viking Centre being unavailable in the past due to their distance from the school.

    We are currently setting up our first language learning VC with a Spanish speaking school in Uruguay.  We hope that it is going to provide a greater context for learning to communicate in a foreign language.

  • Have your students worked extensively on a collaborative activity or has VC allowed your students to work on relevant issues with multiple schools around the world?

    We haven’t yet completed a collaborative activity with another school.  We have shared ideas and learning locally with other schools in Redbridge.  Our Digital Leaders have shared their work with Digital Leaders in Mayespark Primary.  Our Article 12 Ambassadors (School Council) have shared presentations with other Redbridge schools on issues such as Healthy Living and others.

  • Content provision – who/what have your students found most enjoyable to date?
    • Chris Lubbe.
    • Jorvik Viking Centre.
    • Manhattan School of Music.
    • Author and Illustrator video conferences.