Creative Curriculum

Co-leaders: Mike Capon, Ilford County High School
  Helen Brown & Linda Lewis, St Aidan’s Catholic Primary School
  Sherlyn Ramsay, Uphall Primary School

The revised OFSTED criteria for Teaching identify learner engagement in the learning process and the ability to work with independence, initiative and resilience as factors of outstanding learning. The Denmark experience has helped those involved identify three key issues which could act against these OFSTED aims and which are therefore worthy of further investigation.

The Creative Curriculum Group proposes to build upon its previous work and the experiences gained from the teacher visits to Denmark to explore further strategies and approaches to learning that develop greater learner independence, responsibility and resilience throughout schooling. To achieve this the group intends to build further partnerships in order to explore, identify and research existing good practice and to work with partner schools both within the UK, in Denmark and further afield. Through the existing framework of the Denmark Group (Forest, ICHS, Oakdale Junior, Roding, St Aidan’s and Uphall), together with other interested schools previously involved with the ‘creative curriculum’ the group intends to:

  • Investigate and share issues relating to transfer at age 11 and the perceived discontinuity of the learner experience from Key Stage 2 into Key Stage 3 created by the Primary/Secondary system.
  • Research existing experience and practical, pragmatic solutions to the learner’s role in the learning experience particularly in the area of activity/style/space – what I learn, how I learn and where I learn!
  • Explore and develop appropriate adult/learner communication through, for example: transactional analysis, in order to develop a partnership of learning between the learner and the adult mentor rather than the more traditional, hierarchical, teacher/student dynamic.
  • Explore the related issues of monitoring, assessment and the learner management within the UK context of the OFSTED regime.


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The Creative Curriculum network took part in a series of study visits to Denmark. These were arranged in partnership with Human Scale Education and the Redbridge Network Learning Community. The first set of visits took place over five days in September 2011. Three schools from the London Borough of Redbridge: Oakdale Junior School, Roding Primary School and Ilford County High School, each sent a party of three staff, including their three Headteachers, to spend time visiting schools in Aarhus on the east coast of Jutland in Denmark. A second set of visits were carried out in 2012 by St Aidan’s Catholic Primary School, Uphall Primary School and The Forest Academy.

These trips were arranged in order to explore alternative ways to organise schooling and particularly in order to look at more creative ways to deliver learning and the curriculum.

Please see the visit reports below.

Denmark Study Visit – Oakdale Junior Sept 2011

Denmark Study Visit – ICHS Sept 2011

Denmark Study Visit – Roding Sept 2011

Denmark Study Visit – The Forest Academy March 2012

Denmark Study Visit – St Aidans March 2012

Denmark Study Visit – Uphall March 2012