Read Aloud – NY

The latest Read Aloud VC was oi Wednesday 25th March 2015 when the Year 4 classes at Highlands primary had a video conference with Rene Carver, Distance Learning Coordinator – GST BOCES, USA.  He read the book  “Owen and Mzee” by Isabella Hatkoff, a true story about the unlikely friendship between a baby hippo and a very old giant tortoise.

Year 4 were joined by children in America from Odessa-Montour School District, Bette VanDerzee (US) Bath School District, Laura Ford (US) Campbell-Savona, and Jessica Rose (US).

Rene used Google Earth to identify where each school was located in the world and also to show the continent of Africa and the country of Kenya where the story took place.

At the end of the session each class was given the opportunity to ask questions about school life in the USA.  We found out that the children in America do not have to wear a school uniform.  They do different sports e.g. baseball, tennis and American football is like our rugby.  Our sport of football is called “soccer” in the USA.

This was another really good VC link and everyone enjoyed the story and the Q&A session.  The only problem was that we ran out of time and wanted to ask many more questions!