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Redbridge Networked Learning Community Open Weeks

Video Conference with Dan Freedman, Author – Tuesday 24th March 2015

During the RNLC Open Weeks, Highlands Primary and Oaks Park High School hosted a day of video conferences for Redbridge Schools with the Author Dan Freedman. Three separate video conference links were held on the 24th and eleven Redbridge school took part in the VC sessions.  Dan Freedman spent the morning at Highlands with the Year 5 classes, who took part in the VC sessions with other schools across the borough

Dan Freedman is the Author of the highly popular football books about a character called Jamie Johnson.  Dan spoke of his love of the game of football and how his father took him to matches from a very early age.

In his work he has always been involved in the world of football and worked at Arsenal FC, Radio Five Live on newspapers and television (Sky Sports).  He spoke about meeting and interviewing some of the biggest stars in football and how he toured with the England football team.

Click HERE to go to Dan’s website and find out more.    



Spanish lessons via Video Conference – an update from Oaks Park High School

During the last couple of weeks we have been showcasing our use of Video Conferencing to other schools, both in Redbridge and as far away as Taiwan, South Africa and Poland.  We wanted to show how easy it was to use and the fantastic experiences that can be had without having to leave the school. One of the things that we offered was lessons in beginner Spanish for our Primary schools, which were to be led by Jorge, our MFL assistant.  

Over two days Jorge led sessions for Fairlop, Highlands and Manford Primary schools, where he taught them greeting and how to say basic Spanish phrases, ending with a song in Spanish. All the schools really enjoyed their sessions and agreed that they were now looking forward to learning Spanish once they got to High School.

Spanish from Oaks PArk


Museum of London – The Great Fire of London

The Museum of London offer a fantastic range of video conference opportunities.  Please click HERE to find out more.

On Monday 23rd February the children in Year 2 at Highlands Primary  took part in a video conference session with the Museum of London.  The topic was the Great Fire of London in 1666. This was an interactive storytelling session, using first-hand accounts of the fire and investigation of objects from the period. The children were able to examine some artefacts from the time to gain an understanding of life in 1666. A trained actor from the Museum of London told the story of the fire, introducing some of the key characters, Thomas Faryner (the baker), Samuel Pepys and King Charles. Through role play the children acted out people escaping from the flames, throwing buckets of water to save St Pauls and blowing up houses to try and stop the spread of the fire.


Redbridge schools met Santa! –15th December 2014

Children from across the borough had a video conference with Santa in his grotto. They were able to ask him some questions and then sang the song Jingle Bells.  



Primary Science Assessment – 10th December 2014

As part of a Redbridge schools CPD  (Continuing Professional Development) session, Science Co-ordinators  linked via VC with science specialist Steve Marshall after school hours to discuss the topic of Approaching Science Assessment in Primary Schools.  These sessions are extremely cost effective and productive, as teachers do not have to travel to a venue and can easily work collaboratively with other schools.


 Redbridge Schools – Meet a Metropolitan Police Officer – 5th December 2014

On Friday 5th December children from Redbridge Primary Schools shared a video conference with  PSCO Alan Winston.   PSCO Alan Winston talked about his career as a police officer and the children were able to ask him questions.


International Links

Many of the schools in the Redbridge Video Conference Development Group have International links with schools all over the world.  Click on the links below to find out more about this exciting work.

 Highlands Primary School Children in the Reception classes at Highlands Primary School embarked on a joint video conference project with children in at Ecole Maternelle Les Grand crus, in Chenove, France. Click on the link below to find out more about the video conference links and watch the short films of the children working together.


“Read Aloud” Video Conference sessions/New York

Children in our Redbridge schools have been working Rene Carver, Distance Learning Coordinator – GST BOCES, USA.   Rene has been matching classes in our primary schools with children in schools across the New York State.  He has been reading stories to children in Key Stage 1 and 2.  Each session starts with a look at Google Earth and where each school is located on the planet.  The story is the main part of the VC session, but this then ends with  a question and answer session where the children can find out more about each other, what it is like to live in England or the USA and the school that they attend.

Read more …...


Video conference with the author Josh Lacey  – 14th July 2014IMG_1786

On Monday 14th July  children from Highlands Primary, Redbridge Primary, Fairlop Primary and Manford Primary had a video conference with the author Josh Lacey.  Josh told the children about his love of writing and how he became an author.  He gave them lots of tips on how to improve their own writing skills.  

Josh read part of the story from The Dragonsitter book and talked about  some of his other books; The Bearkeeper and the Dog called GRK,  and showed the children many pictures.The children from all of the four schools were able to ask Josh lots of questions about the characters in his books, to how he gets his ideas for the stories. We even found out that Josh would have liked to be an astronaut if he hadn’t been a writer!


Video Conferences with the National Space Centre – Summer Term 2014

Manford Primary School

The pupils at Manford Primary school pupils hManford Space Centre VCad a great time learning about what happens in space and the shear amount of time and commitment the astronauts face when they are training. The virtual lesson helped the pupils understand some of the dangers that astronauts face and was presented in a child friendly and engaging way. It was a great Video Conference and we will definitely be seeing the National Space Centre again. 


Click on the picture to watch the video.

Highlands Primary School

The Year 5 children at Highlands Primary have been studying the Solar System. They took part in a video conference with the National Space Centre, who offer a variety of video conferences to support this topic.  The children took part in a video conference called:- Ask the Expert. The children emailed their questions to the National Space Centre. The video conference was with Commander Will from the Space Centre and he answered each question giving extremely full explanations, using pictures, animations and film clips to describe why and how.

This was a fantastic interactive session where the children learnt about stars, black holes, planets, galaxies and communication; through to living in space and how to wash your hair and go to the toilet! Everyone really enjoyed the session, with a few budding astronauts now in our classes. This was a really good VC and well worth booking. 


Eco Warriors – Video conference hostedby Fairlop Primary School – 7th May 2014

The Eco Warriors from Fairlop Primary school hosted a video conference with children from Redbridge Primary and Highlands Primary on Wednesday 7th May.  The Eco Warriors at Fairlop  are currently working towards the Green Flag Award (Eco Schools) and as part of that, they are required to share some of their ideas, activities etc. with other schools.  It was a great idea to do this by video conference.

The Eco Warriors spoke about:-
-Recruitment of new members3
-Litter Patrol
-Habit Hunt surveys (saving energy)
-Eco Week (The focus of this was  – Looking after the environment)
-Discussion with visitors from Norway.

At the end of the presentation the children from Redbridge Primary and Highlands Primary were able to ask the Fairlop Eco Warriors questions about their work.                                                                


Fairlop Primary – the story so far!

Back at the end of 2013, 3 colleagues were very keen to try out Video Conferencing within Fairlop.  Although they learned some basic guidelines at the network meetings at Oaks Park, it wasn’t until they tried to join in with a couple of primary VC’s that the problems listed in Troubleshooting Q&A came to light!  Following discussions with SLT, and holding a Staff Inset, we finally got to grips with the process.  Gradually – thanks to our Librarian who has booked a wealth of excellent resourcFairlop1e VC’s (Museum of London, National Archives, National Space Centre etc.) – our staff are becoming confident in setting up the equipment, preparing pre-conference instructions and worksheets and using the microphone!

Six months later, with almost weekly participation in a VC of some kind (Year 1-6) and hosting a successful Eco-Warriors VC, we are beginning to reap the rewards that Video Conferencing can bring to our students.  They love it!


Video conference with the author Andrew Newbound – 1st April 2014

Click on the picture to watch the video

On Tuesday 1st April, children from Redbridge Primary and Highlands Primary took part in a video conference with the author Andrew Newbound.  This video conference was hosted by Redbridge Primary School.  Click HERE to go to the Andrew Newbound website and find out more about this author.

Andrew told the children about his earlier jobs, his love of writing and how he became an author.  Andrew is a self confessed “Word Wizard” and the children took part in word activity games again each other.  The video conference session was extremely interactive and the children were able to ask lots of questions. Everyone really enjoyed this link and we look forward to meeting Andrew again for another VC session. Many thanks to Redbridge Primary for arranging this VC.


Learn Spanish – Video conference with Jorge at Oaks Park High School – 11th March 2014

Children  fspanishrom Redbridge Primary, Highlands Primary, Manford Primary, Nightingale Primary and Fairlop Primary had a video conference to learn Spanish phrases with Jorge Pozo Soriano (Foreign Language Assistant for Spanish), at Oaks Park High School in the London Borough of Redbridge.  This was to support  their Multilingual month activities.

To read more about this video conference click HERE to go to Mina Patel’s Video Conference blog.




Video conference with Doug Aberdeen, a Google Programmer – 28th March 2014Google VC

On Friday 28th March ,  children from schools across the borough took part in the multi link video conference to speak with Doug Aberdeen, an extremely experienced programmer who works for Google.  Doug works as a programmer at Google, based in their Zurich office.  He works on the ads that appear when you do a Google search.Before joining Google, Doug worked on the Hawkeye system used in cricket and tennis.  The children were able to ask Doug questions, and this session was a perfect introduction to the Computer Curriculum changes due next year.