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Linda Hayes   Linda Hayes                                                             IMG_6592   Wendi Skinner, Fairlop Primary School

What is Video Conferencing?

This is where two or more locations communicate by simultaneous two-way (or more) video and audio transmissions.  Using a direct link means that we can see and talk to people anywhere in the world in “real time” using the computer or whiteboard screen to have a conversation as if we were in the same room.


Video Conference Development Group

The Redbridge VC  Development group hold their meetings at Fairlop Primary School, Hainault IG6 2LH.  Members can either attend after school or  join the meeting via VC if travel is a problem.  This group consists of Primary and Secondary schools from across the borough who work collaboratively to promote the use of VC in our schools and research content provision.  Anyone wishing to find out more about the Video Conferencing and/or the Redbridge Video Conferencing Development Group please contact:-

Mina Patel      

Linda Hayes   

Wendi Skinner

Mina pic

Chair of the RVCDG is Mina Patel, an independent consultant with many years of VC experience.  Mina  supports schools in the NE of London and Chairs the (UK) Videoconferencing Partnerships Group. Mina writes a comprehensive Blog to support and showcase her work on video conferencing.

Click HERE to go to Mina Patel’s Blog and find out more.


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